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What is the team strength of HFC for a wedding?

Well, that depends on the package you choose. It can be a team of 4 as well as 10.

What about the deliverables given by HFC? What can we expect in a normal package?

Usually, in our basic package, we give a trailer, a wedding film and a coffee table album. The costing will differ on the basis of the quality of the paper and the number of days we shoot the event.

Which all locations does HFC team travel to cover weddings?

We are a team who loves travelling, so definitely travelling anywhere in the world shouldn’t be a problem for us. We just need an easy mode of transport and accommodation to be booked for us and we will be there.

What about coffee table books and albums?

Yes, we do give coffee table books and albums too. So we have a variety in the book size too, so you can surely select any one of them and we will help you out on which album suits you the best.

How does the payment process work?

The process is quite simple where the client has to make a 40% advance and later on after the wedding is shot, the next lot of 45% payment has to be made. Once the wedding film is delivered to the client, which will include the trailer and the documentary film, the client has to make the final payment.

Why to make the final payment after the wedding film is delivered and why not after the album?

As it is a running business even we have some standards to take care off. So even if the wedding film is delivered and the payment is done the client can be assured that the album will be delivered as per the client’s choice and requirements.

Are there any other hidden costs other than the ones mentioned to us prior to sign-off?

There are no hidden costs. We prefer keeping an open and transparent accounting system which doesn’t complicate the creative process.

Who decides the music and film name for the Highlight film?

It completely depends upon the client. If they can suggest something, it would be great. We choose the music & names on the basis of overall experience, we must have had at the clients wedding.

We want only our choice of music for every event in the film – Is that possible?

Yes, definitely! Having your own set of music for the film gives it a personal touch.

Is HFC into wedding planning or just coverage?

For now, we are just into covering the wedding. We are planning to expand our operations into planning as well. We will keep you notified.

Will our wedding planners, other vendors names feature in the film?

Sure, we can. We would need a consent from your vendors before doing so.

Can we also have additional photographers / videographers along with HFC?

We do not prefer additional photographers/videographers as it creates creative differences. We can always increase our team strength depending upon the size of the event.

What is a pre-wedding shoot and how do we go about it?

These images are the highlight of an album. We prefer to shoot your couple pictures before or after the wedding, depending on the availability of time. You can choose the location you want yourself to be shot at. We can accordingly make the necessary arrangements.

Do we need audio bytes? And who all should be required to give the audio bytes?

Yes, the audio bytes are the most important part of the film, here you express your story which makes the movie more memorable. We suggest you to have audio bytes of your cousins, parents and your close friends. Too many bytes can spoil the movie too. So we will help you out in planning the bytes.
We suggest you to have audio bytes of your cousins, parents and your close friends. Too much bytes can spoil the movie too. So we will help you out in planning the bytes.

Is it possible just to get a pre-wedding shoot without opting for the complete wedding package?

Yes, you can just opt for pre-wedding.

Will there be a singular point of contact during the wedding on-site?

Yes. We will be assigning a SPOC for your wedding who would be in touch with you in regards to all the arrangements on the event dates.

What is the number of photographs that will be provided in the package? Also the total number of edited photographs and the format in which they would be provided?

At the beginning before giving the photographs, we run a thorough filtration of the pics where some of the blurred and unwanted pics are removed and a basic edited chunk of pictures are given to you. Now, These pics will be provided to you in a pen drive or a hard drive Where the client has to make a selection of 500 pics which will be thoroughly edited out which 200 pics will be used for the album.

Can we see the trailer, teaser or the Film before the final delivery?

Yes, you will be seeing all the three movies before the final delivery where the first cut of each edit is shown to you and you can give us all the corrections on the same including music. So here you get only one chance to give all the corrections, if it exceeds more than one chance, extra charges will be applicable for each revision. This has never happened in the history of HFC as we have always delivered to the liking of the client.

How long will it take to deliver the wedding film?

Usually, it takes 25 days to deliver the first cut of the wedding film. So when the wedding gets over we deliver the first teaser in 15 to 20 days, once the corrections of the teaser is done, we start with the trailer and once the trailer is done we start with the wedding film. So on a whole, it takes 90 days to finish the project.

Final Delivery?

Once everything is ready we will deliver the movie in a pen drive or a hard drive provided by you along with the album.

Do we get the raw footage?

Yes, you will get the raw footages in the drive you provide.

Do you release the trailer and movie on social media sites?

We release the teaser and trailer on social media sites, but this is only with the permission of the client.

What do you need from us after the wedding for the completion of the project?

After the wedding, we only expect proper co-operation from the client so that we can deliver the project on time. We really don’t believe in stretching the project for years. So we request that client to cooperate in all terms, including the payment procedures and be with us in completing the project quickly.